Saturday, March 17, 2012


This week I had a completely unexpected trip to California.  I was happy for it.  And I'm very glad I went...  for the most part...  Don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoyed not having to stay alone in Cedar... just... Okay let me explain:

(Begin rant 1) This Monday one of my best friends from high school asked if I wanted to take a trip to L.A. for Spring Break.  I, being desperate for something to do, said yes instantly.  Now, this friend, she has been one of my closest friends for quite a while. She actually was the person who got me started doing improv. (so yeah, she's kind of important in my life) Thus, (I just used "thus" in a sentence...) I was very excited to go to L.A. home of two of America's greatest improv venues: iO West and The Second City.
The fact that I was going with my best friend: Awesome.
No parents/authority figures: Great.
Realizing that me and my friend have grown quite far apart: Suckish.
It's sad.  What's sadder? She didn't realize that anything was wrong.  It caused quite the awkward trip.  We still had fun.... I just didn't have as much fun as I thought I would.  As the trip went on, I began to question myself as to why we had grown apart.  One thought came very quickly to my head.  Her boyfriend... who she wouldn't stop texting... for even one moment.
(Enter Rant 2) I HATE HER BOYFRIEND! I mean it. I hate 
Justin Blank Blankblank. (I added the blanks, that's not
 actually his full name) I hate him with every fiber of my being.
(Now the short, but totally necessary, Rant 3) I don't
hate people.  I don't like to at least. I feel that hate is 
an emotion that shouldn't exist in this world. That is not
saying that I'm a "love all people completely an utterly"
hippie kind of guy.  I still dislike people.  I just don't 
hate them.  It's not really necessary.  And hate only 
leads to suffering (If you named the movie that that
 was from, and you're a girl; marry me. Now.(It was 
Star Wars, by the way)) So, yeah... for me to say I hate
 some one, it's kind of a big deal. To me. (Close Rant)
(Return Rant 2) This man is an ass. He's a jerk to my friend.
And to me.  He's also in the theatre department. (He's not very
good... at all.) So of course he has to critique me. In everything.
When I don't ask for it. I don't understand why they are even 
dating.  He doesn't treat her like she needs to be treated.
He puts down all of her ideas, makes her drive him everywhere,
(lazy bum) mooches off all her cash, and, the worst of all,
hates improv and tries to get her to stop doing it. (she loves 
improv, it's not just me overreacting)
(Rant 4) I do not have any 
feelings for my friend. 
(don't deny it, I know you
 thought about it) She's just
my friend, and that is all she
 will ever be. You know, 
she's that one friend that you
 would never dream of
dating because you know
 them way too well. So,
Yeah... (End Rant 4)
(Back to Rant 2) So overall, I really hate this man and
the effect he has on my friend.  Sadly, I am way too nice
to actually say anything to her about him.  (pathetic? I think yes)
He's changed her quite a lot, and I really don't like it.
(Close Rant 2)
(Finally back to Rant 1) After I thought about that single reason, I realized the one true reason. We've both changed. It's weird to think that only a year ago, everything between us was fine.  But I guess that's the way that life is. (End Rant 1)
I still had fun. I am glad I spent the time with my friend. I am sad that it's probably one of the last times we'll really spend time together.  But it's okay. I know that we'll still be friends, and that we can still have fun together. It just won't be exactly the same....
Now I just need to wait for her to realize this too...

(The picture is sappy and quite girly, I know. I just can't get that little song out of my head... If you don't know what song I'm talking about, you never saw the television of my childhood.  Too bad for you.)

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