Friday, June 15, 2012


So I'm in this musical....

And I like it.  And it's funny. And it gives me a chance to perform. And it's keeping me busy. And I get to be in a fun cast.

...And I have to dance.

I'm a shitty dancer. (don't start your "you can't be that bad" speeches, just watch me; you'll agree) Our choreographer is an excellent dancer. (understatement) So, yeah...

...The dances are hard.

Tatem is really nice to me while she teaches me the dances. (Yay, encouragement!) But it doesn't exactly make me dance better.  I mostly just become much more aware of how painful it is for the eye to see my body awkwardly attempting to contort itself to the rhythm of each song. (That sentence was... wordy...) Believe me: It's pretty bad.  I blame genetics.  My Dad sucks too.  We both handle dancing in the same way...

By not dancing.

I get how the dances are supposed to work.  My brain knows exactly what it should be doing.  It's the rest of me that doesn't understand.   (that makes absolutely no sense... oh well)  Maybe that comes with experience and practice.... like Math!  Or it doesn't and you actually need a slight amount of talent... like every choice of career that I want to take in my life.

I kind of wish that I was forced to take dance classes when I was little. Instead I was forced into flag football.  (Mom, Dad, I love you guys, but the fact that I spent more time picking the grass than playing the sport, (while I was on the field, mind you) should have given you a slight hint of my future.  Just saying...)

I'm working on my dance skills.  I know people that can dance, and they'll help me.

Let's hope I can be helped.


(I noticed that I use the left margin a lot......... just an observation)

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